Club Benefits

1 Guaranteed income every month: No more checking the account to make sure you have enough in there to cover payroll and taxes. Every month will yield a great net profit for you with zero personal training expenses!
2 Guaranteed to exceed your current profit margins: This is not one of those rip-off “buy our secret methods” up-front cost programs. Nor is it a “pay us for our time regardless of results” consulting program. Our agreement will exceed your current net income guaranteed with no up-front costs and we will do all of the work.
3 This is a turn-key program: We handle every aspect of the personal training. This allows you to focus on other areas of your business or life!
4 Lower overhead and less liability: Because we cover all costs of the personal training, your overhead will be cut drastically. Less payroll, payroll taxes, lower professional liability insurance, lower workers comp and unemployment insurance, and obviously you won’t have to worry about the recruitment and development of trainers or training management.
5 Improve member retention: Personal training clients are some of the happiest and most devoted gym members you will ever find. A happy gym member is a gym member for life!
6 Increase member referrals: Training clients are the best spokespersons for a health club. We are constantly asking for referrals from our clients, which means more members for your club.
7 Less stress: Much like a licensing agreement, if you had a product and licensed it out to a company that would then do all of the work, cover all the expenses and then you get to collect a check every month… would be living the dream! Let us be that company and you collect the check.