Common Questions

1. Is there a cost for a consultation and how do I set that up?

There is NO cost for a consultation about your club(s). Here is how the process works:

  • Step one- Please fill out the contact submission form.
  • Step two- We will call you and gather some additional details as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our program.
  • Step three- If you like what you hear, we will come out to do an in-person inspection and demographic study (this process is done discreetly and coordinated with you).
  • Step Four- During our first visit, you will be presented an offer. Once we come to terms, we can begin our transition process.

2. How much money will I make every month?

Short answer, more than you are now! Every Health Club is a little different and every club owner has different needs. With that in mind, we prepare an offer that best fits your needs and maximizes your profit margin. Typically, we offer either a flat rate monthly payment, monthly payments based on our gross income or a combination of both.

3. How can you guarantee to exceed my current profit margins?

We only make offers that are mutually beneficial. Your offer will always be guaranteed to be more than your current net income for personal training. In our agreements, if we fail to pay a monthly payment in a timely fashion, the contract will be null and void and you (the club owner) will be allowed to retain all of our trainers and current client contracts. This is as risk-free as it gets!

4. How quickly can MFM take over my training department?

We typically have a 30-day turnaround. Dependent on location, current staff on hand and relocation of our staff, this process can vary. When we present an offer, we will also give you an estimated start date.

5. What will happen to my current trainers?

We make every attempt to retain your current trainers so long as they meet our trainer standards. It is much easier for us if we do not have to do a complete rebuild, so we make sure to immediately meet with your current trainers and put any fears they may have to rest. With the incredible support system we provide, combined with the employee compensation and the ability of advancement our company offers, your current trainers will be excited for us to start!

6. For payments involving a gross percentage, how do I know I am getting the correct amount?

Integrity is key to a successful business relationship. We believe the main reason we have been able to expand so quickly is that we are honest with our clients, trainers, staff and of course our Health Club partners. We want you to be happy! It is for this reason all of our transactions are done using MindBody software so we can offer monthly, quarterly or annual audits. When we submit payment to a club, we also include detailed reports of gross income as well as other useful information. We have nothing to hide and if a mistake is found, we will pay the amount immediately plus interest!

7. Do your trainers have a uniform?

Our trainers can wear either our MFM uniform (black shirts/polos and athletic pants/shorts) or uniforms representing your club and logo. There are benefits to both options that we can discuss and the decision will be yours to make.

8. How much does a training session cost for my members?

Our clients pay monthly for their programs. Monthly rates are determined by the number of sessions per week, 30 or 60 min sessions and the length of the agreement. Price will vary based on the location and general cost of living. When we meet at your location, we will go over every detail regarding the programs that we will be offering to your members.

9. How exactly does this reduce my liability or current costs?

We provide our own liability insurance and add your club as an additional insured (which reduces your current insurance rates). All of our trainers and staff members are also employees (not contractors), and we cover all the costs associated with them, including: payroll taxes, liability insurance, unemployment, worker’s compensation insurance, health and dental insurance, vacation time, 401k, uniforms/shirts, specialty training equipment, training software, a state-of-the-art online nutrition program, all office supplies and complimentary “First Workouts” for all of your members! If you currently have trainers that are Independent Contractors, please be sure to see the section on our site: “Independent Contractor vs. Employee” and see how our service can solve this dilemma for you!